Monday, October 26th, 2015

GrupoCASA was involved in the incubation of Google in Brazil. Reporting directly to the head of marketing and communication  in the US.

When Google first entered the Brazilian market, existing marketing and advertising agencies where very concerned about the impact that Google would have on their existing businesses.

We formulated a strategy with Google to interact with these agencies in LATAM. Initially, AdWords was viewed as a major threat. We assisted in introducing and educating the market about the huge potential of this technology whilst managing market perceptions. These activities culminated in a huge event hosted by Google, where products, technology and staff were presented to 600 influential industry leaders.

We were also involved with a number of specific “issues” with the launch of Google products in Brazil. One such product was Orkut – a hugely popular social media platform, not well known outside of Brazil but with tens of millions of users in Brazil. Orkut was rocked by a paedophile scandal in 2005, which attracted very negative political, media and police attention. GrupoCASA was involved in mitigating the damage. The media and judicial pressures were huge at that time and extended to a demand for users IP addresses by the Federal Justice Department. US privacy laws differ from Brazilian law, tough careful negotiation and mediation the issue was resolved.

We was instrumental in the launch of the  YouTube, instigating the largest viral social media campaign seen in Brazil at that time.

Google now has a significant presence in Brazil. We are proud to have been there at the beginning, helping Google become the profitable force it is today.

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