Neymar Chant during World Cup 2014

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Panasonic created a hit  based on the sounds of Neymar foot kicks the ball during the 10 major championships. These kicks where choosen by the fans of the Brazilian player worldwide.  The music, simple sound of kicks mixed with   electronic sound was used as an example of the sophisticated technology developed by Panasonic to capture sounds.



Our client wanted the music to become viral. But, viral in Brazil and in Japan are completely different 🙂 due to the different culture of each one.

We had only 4 days to perform all actions including to hire cheerleaders, adapt the music in Portuguese and insert Brazlian Samba drums, train and go to the streets to stimulate people to sing the song.

Bola Sete, a well known Brazilian cheerleader was hired and we put the plan in action.   We put our crew on site to pick up the images and even the way to film and do the takes had to be a mixture of both cultures.


1st action: World Cup opening in São Paulo

Bola Sete and the team made the performance in the train that took the fans to the stadium, encouraging everyone to sing the song. Then, the crew went to a more sophisticated place to perform in front of more than 2,000 people.


2nd action: Semi Final  game in Rio de Janeiro

We organized a flash mob in Ipanema beach and  Alzirão, where there was a large concentration of fans ( over 20,000 fans)  to sing with us. Unfortunately, Neymar was injured and we couldn’t follow to the next step.

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