Friday, April 17th, 2015

Campaign started in July 2012


The objective was to globally reach 1 million users until the end of the year. Our combined efforts have, in fact, generated over 1.5 million users. In Brazil, the number of users started at 300.000, and, in nine months, this number increased to 2.5 million users, and again to 5 million in august 2013. Today, this number is yet bigger. We were the first PR company to be contacted by Waze, anywhere in the world.

•The agreement was to work only with the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but soon we discovered that a focused campaign wouldn’t generate the buzz we needed to stimulate adhesion. Therefore, even without the budget, we started to spread out information in a weekly basis to all media nationwide, giving the privilege of trying out Waze to bloggers, as well as showcasing exclusive interviews with major newspapers/tv/radio stations. The regularity of information generated a buzz that was totally entirely by users due to the efficiency of the app.
•We got it and more by stimulating press, blogs and tv stations news in a nationwide action that generated testimonials that gave a human face to the app.
•The PR campaign was also connected with small and chirurgic actions by using Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
•Meetings with potential partners was also an important part of the work since they allowed us to establish different relationships that created a synergy of the brand with the company.
•Our services were focused in PR activities, brand care, promotion, partnerships with radios and TV’s stations and city authorities meetings.

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