Educational projects connect grafiti and healthy food

Muros com Arte -“Art Walls” project was created by Horizonte Educação e Comunicação, in partnership with the Sorocaba Educational Board and sponsored by Coop and the State Department of Culture – Cultural Action Program of the State of São Paulo, bringing graffiti to the walls of the winning schools with champion designs inspired by the theme ” Healthy eating”. GrupoCASA is in charge of communication strategies for the Educational projects of Horizonte Projetos including the ones with journalism and ODS and Planet Mania.

Over 1,160 Elementary School II students were involved and 120 works were submitted by students. The designs went through a careful selection made first by the Organizing Committee of the project. Fifteen of them were selected and presented for popular online voting.. The selected artworks will be transformed into graffiti on the walls of the institutions themselves, by the students, with the monitoring of the graffiti artist, Fernando Vazio. “I started making graffiti in my pre-adolescence. Today, being an art educator is giving back to the streets what was planted at the beginning of my career. Currently, graffiti is more accessible and this is a market that can become a profession. The tip I give is to study hard and practice. I’m still learning a lot,” says Fernando.
“Everyone knows that a healthy diet includes a lot of fruit, vegetables, vegetables, whole grains and restricts processed foods rich in salt, sugars and fats. However, healthy eating goes far beyond the concern with its nutritional value, it involves social values, affective and sensory, ranging from the choice of food, its preparation, the characteristics of the way of eating and the environment in which it is consumed, considering the different stages of life and stages of the food system” comments Allan de Amorim, the project coordinator at Horizonte. “This initiative connects two areas of education: sciences and arts, perpetuating the values ​​learned in graffiti that will be for everyone, valuing the artistic work of young students and their teachers.” The project will include 4 cities of the State.