Joias da Cor do Brasil

” Colors of Brazil Jewelry Show is a project to show the quality of Brazilian design of unique authorship jewels, based on the research of our culture’s values and materials used in new, unusual forms” says the C.E.O. of GrupoCASA, Sandra Sinicco. Another important point is that it gathers in one place some of the most talented creative people in the country. “There is a tremendous dispersion of professionals. This is an opportunity for them to get together and add other people that also don’t know and may join them,” adds Sandra.

According to IBGM president Hécliton Santini Henriques, the Institute has been, for some years, coordinating a series of actions aiming to promote the talent and creativity  of Brazilian jewelry designers. “We are getting an excellent participation among the winners of the most important international contests. Thus, the event Colors of Brazil Jewelry assumes an important part bringing together a choice group of designers that is becoming a new option in the crowded international market, representing the Brazilian style of making jewelry,” she explains.

The project was exhibited in Basel, London, Paris, São Paulo, Manaus, Salvador and several other cities of Brazil during 4 years.



Beth Tokitaka – Brenda Vidal – Carmen D’ Lamonica – Cathrine Clarke – Elisa Stecca – Elleonora Brazil – Heloísa Azevedo – Luciano Guilherme – Márcia Ganem – Maria José Cavalcanti – Maria Lúcia Barbosa – Melissa Maia – Miriam Mirna Korolkovas Patricia Gotthilf – Ruth Grieco – Sandra Manin Frias – Tereza Xavier – Unidade de Lapidação e Artesanato Mineral de Quixeramobim – Yael Sonia