About Us

About us

Focus on Innovative Industries

When a bright new idea is almost ready to go to the market, we are ready to prepare this product or service so that it is able to reach its target audiences, gain new customers and test its viability in this new market.  We started our operations back in 1987 as a press agency focused on tech companies. After a period of growth, we decided to focus on innovative industries and work on supporting clients coming from abroad hoping to expand their business to Latin America. We are also members of the networks LatamPR and EurocomPR networks. 

Who Are We ?

Our focus is to structure and coordinate communication strategies and business partnerships for companies working in the area of innovation and technology in various parts of the world with a special interest expanding business in Latin America, Europe and Asia.


To work in partnership with our clients. providing consultancies and services by senior professionals in the field


Communication Strategies
Media Training
Social media Content and Management
Strategic Partnerships


Our team is composed of skilled senior professionals, specialised in leading and developing Corporate Communication activities in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.


Build up partnerships with our clients and suppliers and share achieved knowledge .


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To support companies and institutions working towards a more sustainable business world.

We strive to make our clients happy

So, let’s be happy together