Canada – The 2016 AWID Forum – Feminist Futures: Building Collective Power for Rights and Justice

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) was supported by GrupoCASA PR services in the 13th International Forum from the 8th -11th September 2016, at Costa do Sauípe, Bahia, Brazil.

When AWID first decided to hold the 2016 Forum in Bahia, Brazil, they were inspired by Brazil’s history of social movements and resistance, and the legacies of liberation that continue to inspire contemporary struggles against racism, state brutality and economic oppression. Choosing the state of Bahia to host the Forum was an intentional recognition and celebration of the long tradition of Black and local struggles for justice and liberation in Brazil. Now more than ever, Brazil mirrors challenges that many countries around the world are struggling with. And it is critical that in this moment, feminists, and activists from all over the world are gathering to work across their diverse movements to build solidarity and collective power for rights and justice.

Jurema Werneck, a Brazilian activist, and a member of AWID’s International Planning Committee for the Forum, in speaking about the challenges facing the country has called for the women’s rights and social justice movements to stand with Brazilian activists, stating: “We need your solidarity to support our struggles.”  Lydia Alpizar, Executive Director of AWID endorsed this call and stated: “I call upon the 1700+ activists, organizations and movements that are attending the AWID Forum to come together at this unique moment in our struggle to resist oppressions and injustices of all kind. We call upon activists everywhere to show solidarity with Brazilian feminists and activists. More than ever, we need vibrant, strong and renewed movements to defend democracy, and to build collective power for rights and justice.” The event was attended by over 1700 leaders from different countries . It was the first time in AWID history that the Forum took place in South America.